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    Deposition is an important part of the process of claiming personal injury compensation. The defendant’s lawyer will be trying to find out detailed information about the case from you in a question and answer session. Whatever is said is tr...
    If you are not satisfied with the performance of your personal injury lawyer, you can terminate his services. However, you need to consider several points before you take this drastic step. Since personal injury lawyers work on contingency fe...
  If a property owner has homeowner’s insurance, it can kick in to cover a slip and fall injury claim. However, many factors will influence such a claim. The first obvious one is whether the property owner has homeowner’s insurance, and most of the...
    When you are suing for slip and fall injury, you first need to make sure the value of your case is high enough to offset the attorney fees, inconveniences, and the medical costs of your injuries. Usually, the case will go to trial when both p...
  A personal injury attorney is usually required for negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company, or for fighting the case if it goes to trial. Only when the amount you are claiming is pitifully small is a time when you probably should not...

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Wayne Rush
30 May 2012
Kellum Law Firm went out of their way to make sure that I received the best representation I could get. The paperwork portion was explained in detail...
Ami Turk
05 April 2013
I know that I picked the right law firm to help me and I found some new friends too. I want to thank all the people at Kellum Law Firm who helped me ...
Judy Ashlock
14 December 2011
I have written before about your good service, but again I must say, it is outstanding! It is so nice to know that anytime I call, a real person answe...

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