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  All employers in the United States must have some sort of insurance for covering claims of injured employees. There are usually two types of insurances, Worker’s Compensation, and Employer liability insurance. Worker’s compensation is a no-fault in...
  Employers carry some kind of insurance such as worker’s compensation and employer liability insurance in order to protect themselves from lawsuits from employees. However, in certain circumstances, an employee can sue the employer outside of these in...
  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that occurs due to a nerve disorder in the wrist. This disorder results from repetitive hand and finger movements, such as persistent striking, twisting, and abnormal bending. These movements cause a strain...
  You can claim worker’s compensation benefits if you are injured during the course of your job. This means you can only claim benefits if you are “on the clock”. Therefore, it is important to define the start and end of the workday for claiming wo...
  To establish your injuries while making a claim you will need copies of your medical records. The adjuster will closely investigate the extent and nature of your injuries from your medical records and concoct a settlement amount. You are entitled to ge...

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Alan White
14 December 2011
Kellum Law Firm has taken great care of our family's well being! We want to recommend them for everyone.
Judy Ashlock
14 December 2011
I have written before about your good service, but again I must say, it is outstanding! It is so nice to know that anytime I call, a real person answe...
Edward Alan Smith
12 October 2012
Kellum Law Firm is a caring, compassionate and honest group of people. I praise them for their diligence in getting my case settled extremely quick. ...

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