Most accident victims are left in a serious predicament of having to rehabilitate their injuries while at the same time wondering how long it will take to be compensated financially. The truth is that it takes a significant amount of time for many claims to be processed, especially when there is a question concerning what parties are actually liable to whom. Regardless of how the injury occurred, all respondent parties and their insurance providers will want to investigate the claim thoroughly before making a decision on financial compensation arrangements. While insurers and defending parties have very little obligation regarding information about a claim, there are some basic assurances that an experienced North Carolina personal injury lawyer would want clients to remember. 

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1. Each Accident Case is Unique

The first concept to grasp is that each personal injury claim is unique in some aspect. Details matter when financial compensation is being determined, and certain factors can enhance or detract from any settlement amount that may be offered. Additionally, defendants in North Carolina have a distinct advantage in court due to the state contributory negligence law. This situation alone requires claimants who were driving to have a North Carolina personal injury lawyer. Additionally, financial compensation is based on certain specific factors that can ultimately increase or reduce any claim value.  

2. Insurance Companies are Business Entities Seeking To Make A Profit

It is important for all injured victims in North Carolina to understand that insurance companies exist primarily to make a financial profit, and they will use any technicality they can find to deny any claim. They only pay when they are required by law to pay an injury claim. If an injured claimant even has as little as 1% percent personal fault assignment in causing the injury themselves, insurance companies have the legal authority to deny the claim altogether. The insurer is not concerned about your well-being from a business standpoint, and they especially do not want to pay general damages for pain and suffering even when they are required to pay special damages for medical bills, lost wages, and physical property replacement.

3. You Must Seek Medical Attention For Even Minor Injuries

Injured claimants should always follow the recommendations of any medical professionals if they want whole compensation for their injuries. Any slight indication that an injury is not as serious as claimed could result in a minimal general damages inclusion in a settlement offer. The only time an insurance provider will request a medical assessment is when demanding injured claimants see a presumed independent doctor for a second opinion. This doctor will be anything but independent, and will actually be working for the insurance provider. Meet all doctor appointments, including any and all rehabilitation appointments. 

4. Most Injury Claims are Settled Before a Trial

While some defending parties in a North Carolina claim will want to take a case to court against injured drivers, the truth is that claims for injured vehicle passengers are typically settled without going to court. Fault is a serious issue in North Carolina, but those with no personal fault assessment are entitled to a claim settlement that cannot be denied. The question then becomes how seriously they are injured and how much compensation is appropriate for the particular case based on material facts regarding the injury diagnosis and all-important prognosis. The prognosis states what the problems will be in the future, which is then used as a basis to determine additional general damages. 

5. Personal Injury Lawyers Work by Contingency Fee

Many injured victims think they must pay a lawyer upfront for representation. Almost all personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that they only get paid if you are paid. It is a good sign that you will receive some amount of compensation if a lawyer takes your case. This allows all injured victims to have a legal representative in any accident case. 

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