Construction accident lawyers recover damages for people hurt at building and renovation sites. Construction accidents frequently leave people with serious injuries. Victims can be employees, contractors, or passersby. Oftentimes in construction site accidents fault for an accident might not be clear. Due to the risky nature of construction, sometimes bad things happen even when everybody follows safety procedures. 

Regardless of the circumstances, if you’re hurt on a construction site insurance coverage should be available to compensate you. Legal representation is typically necessary when you’ve suffered significant harm and financial losses. In the aftermath of an accident, you may not know your rights or whose insurance should pay for your bills, lost income, and suffering, hence it is generally advisable to seek out an experienced workplace accident lawyer to deal with your workers’ compensation claim.


1. Look for A Lawyer Experienced With Construction Accidents

You want a lawyer who has represented construction accident cases. Not every injury lawyer will have experience in this subcategory of personal injury law. Online profiles for lawyers under your consideration should specifically mention construction accidents. 

Construction accident lawyers need to be prepared to manage claims with different types of insurers. A construction injury might qualify for coverage from:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Contractor’s general liability
  • Equipment manufacturer’s liability

In fact, one of the first tasks for a lawyer is to determine which policy will apply to your case. An investigation could be necessary, which means you need a lawyer who has relationships with professional investigators.  

Trial experience is another thing to look for. Although most accident cases do not go all the way to trial, it remains a possibility. Trial experience is especially important if you need a large settlement. Construction accidents sometimes place victims up against large multinational corporations, like tool manufacturers. 

You have every right to ask a lawyer direct questions, like:

  • How many construction accident victims have you represented?
  • What is your track record for recovering money
  • Have you won any jury awards?

For a more detailed look at construction accident claims, read this article: Construction Site Accident? – Here’s Everything You Need To Know 


2. Be Ready to Explain Your Case Details

Once you make a list of construction accident lawyers, you need to call the law firm at the top of your list to determine whether or not your case is a good fit Personal injuries claimsfor the firm. Develop a short version of your accident. Use this brief explanation of the who, what, where, and when of your accident as a summary when you call a law firm to discuss a possible meeting with an attorney.

This quick summary of your accident helps the law office decide if it is a good fit for your case. If the person taking your call says your case is not what the firm normally handles, ask for a referral. The law office might recommend an appropriate lawyer.

If the firm believes it can handle your case, make sure they’re clear on the terms of any initial consultation – it should be free of any cost to yourself and free from any obligation to retain their services. When attending your first legal consultation, bring all documentation concerning your accident. Here’s an article on how to prepare for your free initial consultation. While meeting with you, a lawyer will be evaluating the likelihood of winning a settlement for your case.

To prepare for meeting with a lawyer, bring documents, such as:
  • Workplace accident report, if any
  • Medical records
  • Pictures of the accident scene and your injuries
  • Contact information for witnesses
  • Insurance information


3. Understand Legal Contingency Fees

Accident attorneys normally work on contingency, which means that they collect their fees out of any settlement that is paid for your damages. 

A lawyer’s contingency fee agreement may express the fee as a specific percentage of your settlement. However, you need to find out if this percentage covers everything or if the law office charges other fees in addition to a share of the settlement. 

Any lawyer you meet with should have a written fee agreement to show you and willingly explain how and when you would pay for services. You will encounter some variations in fee structures. Tip! – You are looking for a lawyer who can provide the best value as measured by their past record of handling similar cases effectively, hence referring to online reviews of the chosen law firm will help you make the assessment as to whether or not the particular firm is a good fit.


4. Check Credentials

workers' compensation lawyerJust as you would when hiring any professional for an important job, you should confirm credentials. The North Carolina State Bar has resources for the public where you can make sure construction accident lawyers have active law licenses. There are other none government agencies that might help in evaluating the credentials of an individual lawyer or law firm. Here are a few:

Another consideration is to check that the lawyer has malpractice insurance. This could protect your financial interests if some rare, worst-case scenario unfolds.

5. If Necessary, Schedule Free Consultations With Multiple Lawyers

Construction accident lawyers overwhelmingly offer free first consultations. Use these no-obligation conversations to get to know three or four lawyers.

Despite the urgency that you feel about your financial situation following the accident, you can benefit from investing time in meeting with several lawyers before choosing one. These meetings give you a chance to get a sense of a lawyer’s temperament and personality. As a serious accident victim, you can expect an ongoing business relationship for months or longer as the case moves forward. You will ideally hire someone whom you feel comfortable with. 

You may want to write a list of questions that you take to each meeting. After each consultation, take notes about your thoughts and feelings. These will help you make a decision.

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