It is very important to contact any respondent insurance company as soon as possible when being involved in an accident. North Carolina insurance law is more restrictive than other states when accident injury cases are adjudicated, and many questionable claims from drivers often find their way to court. All drivers are assessed for comparative fault in North Carolina accidents, so there is a distinct possibility the case will go to court by the request of the insurer. This alone necessitates having a car accident law firm representing the case for whole damage payment. This is not so much of a problem for passengers, but cases can still get confusing when certain insurance companies are trying to deflect responsibility to pay. Details can make a significant difference in the outcome of the case, and filing as soon as possible sends a signal that you are serious about financial compensation. [NC Safe Driving Laws]

Personal Injury and Accident Law North Carolina

Statute of Limitations In Auto Accident Cases

All civil claims are subject to a statute of limitations when bringing a potential lawsuit. Filing immediately with the respondent insurance company will get the process started as quickly as possible in the event there is a question regarding responsibility, which is very possible in North Carolina. And, this is even more important with serious injuries that will have a long-term impact on the life of the claimant. The filing window in North Carolina for personal injuries is three years, but the time limit for wrongful death is only two years. 

Timely Submission of Documentation is Important

Any delays in reporting an injury claim can give an insurance company a reason for denying or attempting to reduce claim payouts due to injury seriousness. Immediately seeking medical treatment is a clear indication of injury severity and absolute need for the injury to rehabilitate as much as possible. It also sets a timeline beginning for the claim and the ongoing treatment process that the insurance company will be required to cover. Additionally, if the claim goes to court, witnesses may be needed to corroborate what happened. Memories can fade fast, and quick recall can be vital. It is important to be punctual when assembling documentation and submitting it to the respondent’s insurance company. This shows the company that you mean business. 

Impact on General Damages

Calculating special damages for exact medical bills is important in any accident case because it can be used as a basis for determining general damages regarding pain and suffering for coping with the injuries in the future. General damage awards are typically the money that makes injured parties financially whole after the fact when the case is finally settled. Once it is settled, any further coverage will end. Delays in reporting injury issues can result in the insurance company attempting to reduce the amount of general damages owed due to a lack of injury severity. This is also a reason insurance companies force cases to court in North Carolina, which is another delay that causes the case to take much longer to settle.  

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Kellum Law Firm has multiple office locations around the state of North Carolina, including New Bern, Jacksonville, Wilmington, and Greenville NC. With over 40 years of representing North Carolina residents in car accident claims, our team of attorneys is on your doorstep and ready to act on your behalf. Always remember that time is of the essence when filing an accident claim. Filing windows can be short and cases can become frustrating processes when the insurance provider is being difficult based on a technicality. Starting the case as soon as possible is best accomplished by retaining an experienced car accident law firm to handle the claim in an expedited and efficient manner in the quest for maximum financial compensation. The sooner the process begins, the sooner injured victims can get paid for situations beyond their control and leaving them in dire need of financial support. Call us today and let us conduct a complete investigation into your accident injury case. 


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