It is unfortunate when an injured passenger from a North Carolina auto accident must consider suing the driver of the vehicle in which they rode in order to be properly compensated for injuries suffered in the accident. This actually happens far more often than many people realize. Insurance companies in North Carolina commonly attempt to deflect responsibility for damages in accidents where someone else could be blamed, and many times it results in lawsuits merely to determine which insurance company will be required to settle the claim. Even a minimal differential in fault percentage can result in an accident case going to court because it can represent significant amounts of money for respondent insurance providers.

As car accident lawyers, we’re frequently asked to represent passengers that were injured in a car accident. Injured passengers often have the dilemma of North Carolina auto accidenttrying to determine who will pay their medical bills associated with injuries sustained in the car accident. North Carolina law holds the individual that caused the car accident responsible for the consequences of it – including any medical bills related to the injuries. But where fault for the accident isn’t clearly defined, the passenger can be stuck in a situation where it becomes difficult to receive damages and compensation for their own injuries without suing the driver of the vehicle in which they were traveling.

Proving Negligence Against the Driver

The problem with suing a vehicle owner in which a passenger was riding is that the owner may not be responsible for causation to any degree. If accident fault is assigned totally to an opposing driver, both the passengers and the driver in their vehicle are victims and the at-fault driver is liable for all damages. And in multi-car accidents, there could be multiple additional parties with some degree of liability who can be pursued for damages as well. The primary problem most passengers will incur is limited liability insurance maximum limits carried by negligent drivers. 

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Passengers will almost always have a claim of some amount when being involved in an auto accident due to zero liability assignment and the fact that mental anguish can be claimed as a general damage element of the claim. General damages for pain and suffering can be filed in addition to any medical damage reimbursement and loss of earnings demands. Punitive damages may also be available in some cases when any driver who was responsible for causation was driving with reckless disregard for others or under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. The attorney you choose to represent your case can be the difference between equitable compensation and no compensation at all. The insurance companies will have a legal team, and injured claimants need an aggressive legal team on their side to have a chance of receiving the best possible outcome. Call our office today and let our car accident lawyers fight for your right to whole damages from all negligent drivers in the accident. 

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