Depending on the type of disability program a beneficiary is approved for, recipients of disability benefits can work while receiving benefits. Those who receive Supplemental Security Income are much more restricted, and any money they earn will be used to discount the amount they receive with the exception of a small amount of unearned income and a standard exemption. Those receiving Social Security Disability Insurance can also work with much less restriction and impact on their healthcare benefits. However, SS disability benefits law firms advise that it is very important to make sure that the Social Security Administration or the North Carolina Disability Determination Services have been notified of the intention to work so they can issue approval in the designated work program based on the type of disability income that is being received. The type of government disability assistance controls the parameters of the Ticket to Work program that a beneficiary may be eligible to use.

Social Security Disability Insurance Recipients

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is a qualified eligibility program that is approved based on the disabled recipient’s Social Security tax payment record. It is not a government entitlement, but instead an insurance program that pays the awardee on a monthly basis in addition to what they may earn up to a certain amount. Allowances for these disabled individuals are much higher than those receiving Supplemental Security Income, also known as SSI. SSDI is a federal program and it is not based on personal needs with respect to personal asset level.  

Program eligibility begins with a trial work period of three months to determine if returning to work on a minimal basis is actually feasible. Participants are allowed to earn $770 per month without having their SSDI assistance payments or health care benefits reduced during this initial time period. Those who are able to continue working at the same level can be granted a three-year extension with a $1,070 cap before benefit payments are reduced. Medical benefits remain unaffected for those staying within the SSA program guidelines. SS disability benefits law firms can assist clients in being approved for this program when being approved for SSDI. 

Supplemental Security Incomesocial security disability claims lawyers

Supplemental Security Income recipients are much more restricted than those receiving SSDI. SSI is effectively a welfare program of sorts, and those who are approved must have minimal personal assets. If their earnings savings exceeds the limit on personal cash they can possess, there is a possibility they could be removed from the program financially. While they may still be eligible for Medicaid insurance protection, they can run the risk of losing benefits in certain situations. Those who do work must be enrolled in the Ticket to Work program and report all earnings to the North Carolina Department of Disability Determinations.  

social security disability claims attorney

Social Security Disability Claims Attorney

*Limits on exempt earnings for SSI recipients are very low at $85. Those who do work will receive a 50 cents reduction in their government benefit per dollar earned while working. This is a substantial reduction, but many people still choose to work because it gives them a daily routine in many instances and makes coping with their disability much easier. SSI approval is actually an annual award, and all recipients are subject to a periodical reevaluation to assess the limits of their medical condition that prevents them from maintaining full-time substantive gainful employment. Those who see no medical improvement are commonly approved for SSI again, but may not be eligible to continue working and still receive government benefits. SS disability benefits law firms can help a recipient who is in the Ticket to Work program maintain their eligibility for as long as possible and possibly be approved for the Workers Rehabilitation Program which allows full benefits as long as the recipient is in educational training. 

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