Car accident claims are generally exclusive to the injuries that are suffered in any particular incident, but there may be some exceptions when prior conditions are worsened with an additional accident injury. Some minimal prior injuries that are embellished by an accident may not have a major impact on the claim, but conditions that are severely worsened may be claimed with undisputed medical evidence of another injury or an extended injury complication. The original injury alone usually cannot be compensated, but damage beyond prior conditions could be claimable. Coverage for any element of a claim is usually addressed when a settlement is negotiated, and the overall offer tends to be more important than any one particular element regarding additional injuries to a prior existing condition.

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There are indeed situations where body parts that were injured previously are injured again. An example would be a victim who was involved in a prior accident and suffered a broken leg and has rods inserted for reinforcement. The additional extent of injury can be determined based on prior medical records before the accident compared to diagnosis and prognosis in the second injury incident. Not only can the victim be compensated financially for the additional expenses associated with the most recent treatment due to the accident, but claims can also be filed for additional general damages for pain and suffering or ongoing impact from the accident. 

Worsening of a prior condition

In addition to coverage of new damage to a former injury, victims who had a serious injury that they are still dealing with can be reimbursed as well for the further complications that the new injury presents. A subsequent injury to an already disabling condition can make life even more miserable for some, and coping with life on life’s terms can become even worse. Many times an injury that was manageable is injured again to the point of rendering the victim disabled, which can justify a sizable general damage request from experienced car accident claims attorneys who have represented these types of claims successfully in the past. 

Why you need experienced car accident claims attorneys

Filing for financial compensation for an injury to a body region that has been injured before can be a difficult situation in any case. The prior injury alone gives the respondent party an argument in support of any claim denial. Not all car accident attorneys are equipped with the experience to counter-argue these denial defenses. This means the case will almost always end up in court, which means the car accident claims attorneys will describe in technical detail what the prior condition consisted of and how it has been further injured or even newly injured under some circumstances. Many claimants had a prior injury that fully recovered only to be injured again, and many times even worse than before. This requires a special type of auto accident attorney who understands the medical terminology and how the injury impacts the mobility and overall ongoing life of the client.

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Never accept the decision from an insurance company that your injury cannot be compensated due to prior injury. This is often just an excuse for not paying a valid claim in hopes the claimant will not obtain legal counsel. Anyone in North Carolina who has had a previous injury worsened in an auto accident should call our office today for a full case evaluation. Not only could you have a solid claim for compensation, but it could be more valuable than realized due to North Carolina personal injury law. Call us today and let us put our experience to work for you and your injury claim 1-800-ACCIDENT