Auto accidents can produce a wide variety of injuries to the persons involved. There are many variables in typical auto accidents including the type of vehicle, the terrain involved, the speed of travel, and, the actual age of the vehicle which will determine how well-equipped the vehicle is in terms of modern safety features. Though the severity of car accident-related injuries varies greatly, there are some types of auto injuries that prove far more common than others:

Whiplash Injurieswhiplash injury - common injuries in car accidents

Probably the most commonly reported injury from minor to moderate automobile accidents is whiplash. The majority of collision accidents involve a whiplash injury with varying degrees of severity, yet many individuals do not realize they are injured initially, only to experience physical problems at some time following the accident, usually in the upper torso and neck area. The effects of whiplash can take two or more days to manifest, and it is often not even claimed for in minor auto accidents. This is a mistake because it can easily become a serious issue later in life. 

Head Injuries

Head injuries are very common in auto accidents. These include concussions, contusions, and even skull fractures in many instances. Drivers and passengers riding in the front seat are particularly susceptible to head trauma of some sort, particularly when they fail to wear seatbelts. Head injuries warrant serious pursuit of financial damages due to the potential long-term effects they can have, especially when internal head trauma occurs. These are the types of injury that a car accident attorney will work diligently on for maximum compensation because of the potential for debilitating and ongoing life impact.

Back and Skeletal Injuriesauto accident lawyers

Back injuries of various types are also very common in auto accidents. Even a twisting injury can result in nerve damage, and serious injuries can include broken backs and vertebrae in any location along the spine. These are also long-term injuries that will require a significant recovery time if they can be rehabilitated at all. With both broken bones and nerve damage, many times paralysis is the ultimate issue for victims. In association with spine injuries, damage to the legs including broken bones are also very common for accident victims in all types of collisions.  

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries can go unnoticed at first only to manifest later. All accident victims should seek medical evaluation immediately after an incident even when medical technicians at the scene do not ambulate them to a medical facility. 

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Mental Anguishuninsured motorist lawyers

Probably the most common injury that can apply in every accident is mental anguish. Car accidents often change lives dramatically, and many victims never fully recover from an emotional standpoint. Issues coping with life after being involved in a serious auto accident are claimable elements of a settlement just as with physical injuries, and this is the actual central component of most general damage claims involving pain and suffering. [PTSD claims following a car accident – learn more here]

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