Car accidents are on the rise around North Carolina – from head-on collisions, rear-end fender benders, drunk-driving accidents, to accidents involving trucks, motorcycles and bicycles.

Auto Accident Lawyers North Carolina

Auto Accident Lawyers North Car

Many car crashes and road accidents can prove fairly straightforward, particularly where there are witnesses to the accident and driver fault is easy to establish. Other cases are far more complex and require a careful approach and more sophisticated legal strategies. Again, at Kellum Law Firm, our car accident attorneys have handled cases that are anything but clear-cut and seen them all the way through the trial process in North Carolina Superior Court, District Court, and Magistrate’s Court.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 37,461 fatal car accidents on U.S roadways in 2016. Of the 37,461, 10,497 crashes involved alcohol impairment and 3,450 fatalities were due to distracted driving.
Incidents of distracted driving have been on the rise since the widespread availability of cell phones, particularly since the technological advancements in GPS on hand-held devices and GUI allowing the one-handed operation of phones (while driving).
The age group most likely to be involved in a car accident where distraction through the use of cell phones is the primary factor are teenage drivers. Elderly drivers are also statistically more likely to be involved in car accidents.

Auto accidents include cars, trucks, semis, motorcycles, scooters, and basically any powered vehicle suitable for use on highways. Let’s take a look at cases involving motorcycles and the aftermath of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident victims often incur some of the most serious types of physical injuries, obviously due to the lack of mechanical protection offered by a motorcycle.
Even minor accidents involving motorcycles can result in serious injuries and damage to the motorcycle. Mechanical damage often includes damage to frames and major engine components, requiring an extensive rebuild or insurance write-off.

Once it has been established that an injured person is entitled to recover financial compensation for their injuries, it becomes a matter of establishing the extent of the injuries and how they might affect the injured party’s future life.

Damages awarded to the victim in a motorcycle crash may include financial compensation for past and future medical care. Often it is difficult to project forward in time and assess the cost of any likely ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. This can often delay any settlement as it may be prudent to wait until the recovery from injuries has progressed to the stage where any ongoing treatments and medical needs can be better predicted.
Expenses for towing from the scene of the accident, rental car, cost of hospitalization and any emergency room care, diagnostic testing including X-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs, rehabilitation costs including physical therapy, etc, are all medical expenses that may be covered under the auspices of ‘damages’.

Financial awards for damages may also extend to:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • The impact of scaring, disfigurement and disability
  • The inability for the injured party to lead a normal life.

Clearly, if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident it is important that you seek professional legal assistance. Our team at Kellum Law Firm can help you in first determining what type of case you actually have and what you may be entitled to receive, given the specifics surrounding your accident. This critical first step can usually be accomplished at our first meeting with you, which is free of any charge.

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