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The video from Kellum Law Firm discusses the serious implications of driving while impaired (DWI):

Video Summary:

Understanding DWI and Its Consequences

  1. Advocacy for Victims:

    • Kellum Law Firm focuses on representing victims of DWI accidents to ensure they receive the justice they deserve.
    • They do not represent individuals who cause accidents while driving impaired.
  2. Impact of DWI:

    • Personal and Community Impact: Driving while impaired can significantly impact the driver’s life, their friends and family, and the local community.
    • Statistics: DWI accidents have a substantial impact both nationwide and in North Carolina.
  3. Dram Shop Laws in North Carolina:

    • Establishments and individuals who serve alcohol can be held accountable under dram shop laws if they serve someone who is noticeably intoxicated or underage and this person causes a DWI accident.
    • These laws promote responsible alcohol service and hold all parties accountable.
  4. Legal Repercussions of DWI:

    • Criminal Charges: DWI can lead to criminal charges, license suspension, substantial fines, and potentially civil lawsuits if innocent bystanders are harmed.
    • Driving Record: A DWI offense can result in a stained driving record, increased insurance premiums, and affect job opportunities, especially for positions involving driving responsibilities.
    • License Reinstatement: Some states have strict regulations on license reinstatement, requiring completion of educational programs or rehabilitation.
  5. Escalating Penalties for Repeat Offenders in North Carolina:

    • Second Offense: Mandatory minimum jail sentence, substantial fines, and extended license suspension.
    • Third Offense: Potential felony charge, longer jail sentence, higher fines, more extended license revocation, and mandatory substance abuse assessments and treatment programs.
  6. Responsible Choices:

    • Emphasizes the importance of making responsible choices and the severe legal consequences for those who choose to drive while intoxicated.

Support for Victims

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a DWI accident, reach out to Kellum Law Firm for compassionate legal assistance and to fight for the justice you deserve.

It’s crucial to understand your rights and seek professional legal help when needed. Understanding who can file a claim, the types of compensation available, and the legal process can help prepare you for pursuing justice and accountability. Seeking professional legal advice from a DWI accident Attorney is beneficial in these situations.

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