Elmiron Class Action Lawsuit – What You Need To Know

Modern medicine can be a wonderful thing when medications work as intended and exhibit minimal side effects or negative interactions with other drugs. Sadly, it is not uncommon for those taking multiple medications to experience some sort of interaction difficulty. But there are also medications issued for specific types of ailments that can do irreparable harm in some instances, including being a root cause for the user developing cancer or other serious medical ailments. This is the case with the popular drug Elmiron, prescribed for patients who are having bladder issues and commonly resulting in vision damage to the unsuspecting user.

For those who have been prescribed Elmiron and have since developed vision problems, here are a few facts you should know concerning your situation:

What is Elmiron?

Elmiron was introduced to the medical market in 1996 by Johnson & Johnson and touted by the company as an effective drug for individuals suffering from bladder pain and associated disorders in the pelvic area of the body. The drug was taken with positive results by many for a prolonged period until some users actually began to develop vision problems. One common vision problem for most was the development of macular degeneration, which is the general loss of vision that comes with aging for those who suffer. However, macular degeneration is not the only problem injured victims were noticing, they included:

  • Pigmentary maculopathy
  • Macular retinopathy
  • Retinal deterioration
  • Various atypical maculopathy

Long-Term Development

While the medication has functioned as intended and claimed by the manufacturer for many users, many people who took the medication for a prolonged period began developing vision problems with no apparent reason. Later, a direct link to Elmiron was established, and it was then realized that some of these vision problems were forming directly as a result of the use of Elmiron. Elmiron lawsuit attorneys now urge anyone who has taken the drug to get an eye exam immediately, and if a link is suspected between vision problems and the use of Elmiron, contact a class-action law firm soon as possible.

Common Symptoms

Each particular case of Elmiron damage can be unique, but there are some primary symptoms that many users experience. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Reading difficulties
  • Difficulty adjusting to light and darkness
  • Viewing close objects
  • Dim vision
  • Lost vision in specific spots in a vision field

Other problems can occur as well within the macular region of the retina, which is the large colored area around the center of the eye. This is also the central field of vision for everyone, and it is a vital area for overall good vision health.

Medical Evaluation Importance

The first fact people should understand about Elmiron injuries is that they happen incrementally over an extended period of time. This is a very common disorder that many people acquire over many years of living with and having varying degrees of exposure to sunlight. Diagnosis by a vision professional can reveal exactly what is occurring and provide a basis for your Elmiron lawyers to build a case based on the particular medical evidence along with personal testimony.

What Elmiron Lawsuit Attorneys Must Prove

The primary responsibility of attorneys in product liability cases is proving a valid causal relationship between the particular injury and the use of the product over a prolonged period. Pharmacy and physician prescription records typically serve as documentary evidence of a medical issue. Testimony from treating ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals is also commonly used as further proof and can help provide information with respect to the seriousness of the particular claimant’s vision problems. It is not necessary to prove negligence in a product liability case because manufacturers are held to strict accountability when placing their products on the market, especially in the case of medicines that may have been rushed to market without comprehensive testing beforehand.

Elmiron Class Action AttorneyPotential Damages

The amount of compensation that may be available generally depends on the extent of injury to the eyes and the impact it has on the victim’s life after full development. This is a gradually worsening condition that cannot be cured for the most part, which means that general damages for long-term suffering and mental anguish can be very significant. Few medical issues can impact life like losing eyesight, and each claimant will have individual and often unique medical problems as a result of long-term use of Elmiron. In addition to general damages, financial recovery can include reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages when unable to work, and additional expenses associated with treatment or necessary assistance at home as the vision problems manifest later. General vision decline is a regular symptom for most sufferers, as macular degeneration eventually leads to blindness for many who have the condition.

Contact North Carolina Elmiron Lawyers

Anyone in North Carolina who has taken Elmiron for an extended period of time should make an appointment immediately with an optometrist or ophthalmologist who can perform a thorough eye exam and provide a professional evaluation that can be valid evidence of any developing problems. It is important to remember that vision issues developed with prolonged use of Elmiron are irreversible, and it is not always necessary to wait until you are unable to see before a case can be filed by Elmiron lawsuit attorneys. Learning the condition exists can be very important because there may be treatment options available in early diagnosis that could slow the long-term vision decline that assuredly will come with time. Make sure to get an attorney who is knowledgeable of the topic and understands how to craft a solid case for the maximum financial award based on your specific vision problems, diagnosis, and prognosis.