Many drivers often do not consider how important good tires are on their vehicles, they commonly take tires for granted as long as the tread looks good from Experienced car accident lawyers in North Carolina handle hit and run casesa distance. But, this is not the case for 18-wheel tractor-trailer rigs. How often have you been driving down the road and seen a massive piece of tire tread on the highway, many times creating a safety hazard on the open road? This has happened to every driver, and being next to a big truck when the tread rips off can be a horrifying experience. And even though the truck may keep on going, major damage can be done to other vehicles that are in proximity. When an accident happens, both the driver and potentially the shipping company can be held liable following an investigation involving a North Carolina truck accident attorney.

Driver Inspection Requirements

All professional commercial truck drivers are required to inspect their rigs on a regular basis by DOT regulations. They are supposedly trained in spotting when any particular part of a tread is compromised, but many times they miss details that indicated something is amiss. And many times they will push their luck trying to get to a destination point before having necessary repairs performed. This could leave both the driver and company totally at fault for an accident, which is essential in North Carolina for accident compensation according to the state contributory negligence law.


What a North Carolina Truck Accident Attorney Can Do For You Following An Accident

Truck accident attorneys in North Carolina can conduct a thorough independent investigation into what actually transpired during the accident, including inspecting the highway and questioning witnesses. And when the trucker continues on down the highway following an incident, laws addressing leaving the scene of an accident can apply as well. This is actually the primary reason for other motorists to be very conscious of the fact they are near a big truck when driving down the highway, including noticing the names and numbers on the rig. This information may be essential when a truck tread comes off and causes an accident, and it should always be communicated to any law enforcement officials when reporting details of the accident.

All North Carolina truck accident attorneys will advise that you may be eligible for compensation when this occurs on the highway, and it is always vital to contact a truck accident professional when being involved in an accident due to a blown truck tire because they can be very complicated and strongly defended accident cases. Always call a legal professional and let them handle the investigation and accident claims.

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