Being involved in an auto accident can create apprehension and confusion for all involved parties. Even innocent bystanders can be witnesses to horrific events. Those who are actually in the accident can also suffer serious incapacitating injuries and be unconscious at the time, including potentially life-threatening situations. These victims have other concerns at the moment. However, many moderate to minor accidents leave certain individuals still mobile and able to call authorities to the scene for an official response. While everyone wants to be helpful when possible, there are also some things that could easily result in being denied financial recovery for personal injuries. Here are five things that car accident lawyers suggest no one should do in the aftermath of a North Carolina auto accident. 

1. Do Not Discuss What Happenedcar accident claims lawyers

North Carolina auto accidents always hinge on fault, and even 1% fault can cause a driver to be denied any financial recovery for injuries. This antiquated contributory negligence law is only used in four U.S. states and the District of Columbia, but insurance companies use it diligently when drivers file injury claims. Any admission of fault by a driver could result in a denied claim. Injured passengers should be aware of this law as well because what they say could result in their claim being in jeopardy regarding extended damages from other drivers. 

2. Do Not Embellish Answers to Police Officers

All auto accidents are officially investigated by police officers who will be trying to discern exactly what happened in the incident. Do not embellish answers to questions from police. Answer succinctly, and only use “yes” or “no” answers when possible. And just as before, never admit fault. A crash scene is also a criminal investigation in some cases, so always be aware that someone could go to jail based on what is said or found by police. Car accident lawyers do not want to become criminal defense attorneys as well in negotiating an accident injury case.

3. Do Not Fail to Seek Medical Attention

All insurance companies look for any reason they can find to lessen the value of a claim or even deny them in many cases. Never assume a seemingly minor injury will go away. Always seek medical attention, and do not refuse treatment from emergency medical professionals on the scene. Failure to seek treatment can even be deadly in situations where internal bleeding is occurring without knowing. In addition, concussions and whiplash could also flare up in short order.  

4. Do Not Use Social Media

Social media posts are considered publications for the most part, even when setting your personal pages for no sharing. Photos can still be saved or accessed by insurance companies in many cases. Car accident lawyers always advise you to never post any pictures of yourself doing anything that suggests counter to an injury claim, and never discuss how the accident occurred as well in posts.  

5. Do Not Confront Other Parties

Tempers flare when bad things happen, including in auto accidents, and arguments can easily become altercations in short order when personal property is damaged. And this is especially true when vehicles of high value are involved in an auto accident. It is always best to remain calm in as much as it is possible if not seriously injured, and do not attempt to locate the opposing parties after the fact. This can have a detrimental impact on the claim and even result in criminal charges of assault or harassment when doing so. 

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Never avoid contacting a legal professional to represent your case in North Carolina. North Carolina law regarding the adjudication of accidents and injury claims is very restrictive, and any type of additional issue can hurt a claim significantly, not to mention being costly when fault is misappropriated. Always retain an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible because evidence can fade fast and cases can take a long time to get to court following the settlement negotiation stage.

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