Insurance adjusters can be some of the most deceptive business people that anyone will ever bargain with in life. The company office staff is typically cordial and pleasant when first accepting a claim, but when the claims adjuster steps in with everything they can find to reduce a claim value, the relationship can become tedious. They are indeed highly trained in this art, and the novice injured party is never a bargaining match in North Carolina due to the contributory negligence law. And if they cannot convince a claimant that the company has no liability, the adjusters then call the company lawyers. That is why claimants need legal counsel as well for proper reimbursement when damages of any type are incurred. 

Understanding Negligence Law

Accident lawyers are trained professional negotiators just like claims adjusters, and they understand how liability law works in North Carolina. The first step the claims adjuster will typically take is attempting to deny the claim based on personal contribution to causation. While this is not an issue for passengers in an auto accident in most cases, drivers will usually face difficulty when filing for financial recovery. Premises liability claimants can face the same scrutiny and defense against an injury claim. In this situation, a personal injury attorney is a defense attorney as well as a legal negotiator. An attorney understands how to counter-claim the contentions of the claims adjuster in many cases when the denied claim goes to court. 

Presenting Material Claim Facts

Claims do not become legal cases until the denial results in a case going to trial. Accident lawyers understand how to present material case facts to the court that can result in a jury authorizing damage awards, including punitive damages in serious accident injury cases. In an auto accident case, claims adjusters will deny a driver claimant in many instances and force the case to trial based on a minimal claim of fault. However, the final say rests with the jury. The material case facts are crucial in this final determination. And if a personal injury attorney takes your case, there is a good chance of a successful outcome while there is no chance of any reimbursement if the victim accepts the determination of the company claims adjuster. 

Maximum Damages Pursuit 

Claimants who have been seriously injured or those who suffer injuries that will create issues for the remainder of their life need whole damage compensation. Even serious injury claims are often downplayed by claims adjusters who are focused on the company’s bottom line. In addition, even when these injury cases do not go to court, there could be potential for punitive damages beyond standard general damages for pain and suffering that claims adjusters want to avoid paying. An experienced accident attorney understands these tactics by insurance company representatives, including their lawyers, and they can craft a solid case for maximum damages even without going to trial in some instances.

Contact a North Carolina Personal Injury Law Firm

Never accept the word of an insurance company representative as the final determiner when being injured in an accident of any kind. While any amount of negligence can be grounds for a case dismissal in a North Carolina court, the position of the company during initial negotiation is not the law. Always retain an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney who understands how to avoid technical defenses and focus on the material facts of your case. Having a comprehensive legal representative is often the difference between being properly compensated or not being compensated at all in many situations.

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