Winning a disability approval can be a long and frustrating experience for many who can no longer maintain employment in the type of position they have historically held throughout their working career. Both the Social Security Administration and the North Carolina Department of Disability Determinations are diligent when it comes to approving claims. There are two government disability programs with one being handled completely by the SSA and the other by the North Carolina DDS. The rules differ somewhat for the two government programs, but approval for either can be difficult. Decisions for those eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance are approved by the Social Security Administration while those applying for Supplemental Security Income will be awarded by the state department officials. And denials are common on the initial application for both programs. Luckily, both programs have appeals options, but it will typically require representation by an experienced social security disability claims lawyer to win a claim approval.  

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Social Security Disability Insurance, also known by the SSA as SSDI, is typically the most difficult program for approval. All rulings are permanent unless a beneficiary improves enough to return to work in a different capacity as a sedentary employee. And even then, recipients are only allowed to work and earn up to a set amount without reducing their SSDI income benefits. Most claims are won in the appeals process, and it is not unusual for the SSA to deny an applicant several times before final approval. Disability lawyers understand this predicament well for claimants. The problem with SSDI is that applicants typically must be unable to work for a period of six months immediately prior to being approved, which is a common disqualification for many. An approval can be issued, but the beneficiary will typically be required to wait six months to receive benefits in most cases. 

Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income, also known as SSI in the disability system, is a needs-based program that requires applicants to be in dire financial straits before approval can be granted. Approved applicants can have no more than $2000 in cash assets and can only own one vehicle of moderate value. A primary resident ownership is also allowed as an exemption. Married individuals are allowed up to $3000 in personal assets. There are also limitations on life insurance as well because whole life insurance policies are registered with the government and considered financial savings assets. Those who are approved medically but denied financially may need to reduce their personal asset level to qualify. 

Proving a Claim

All claimants for either disability program are required to prove their medical assertions to the SSA. This is accomplished using medical documentation for each medical issue along with statements from attending physicians. These doctors are usually specialists who are trained in a particular medical area as opposed to general practitioners. Testimony from employers can help as well because the claim is actually that the claimant is unable to work due to the medical condition. Claimants are also asked how the disability affects their everyday life and daily routine. Administrative law judges are looking for specific information, and disability lawyers understand what that information is according to SSA rules while building a comprehensive case for approval. 

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Anyone who has been denied a disability claim in North Carolina must respond within a specific time frame immediately after being denied. Time is of the essence in these cases. Call our disability lawyers today and let us conduct a full evaluation of your disability claim and potential for approval through the appeals process. Almost all claimants will need legal representation because the SSA and North Carolina Department of Disability Determinations typically approve applications based on overall health unless the medical problem is a prior approved disease or condition. Claimants may also need to make some asset changes in order to qualify for SSI. Call today and let us get you started on the road to claim approval. We offer a free case review at one of our local North Carolina Office locations, or, our SSD Attorney can come to your home. Our office locations include (*by appointment only):

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