Construction sites by nature are often very dangerous locations. The construction industry actually sees more workplace injuries and fatal accidents than any other profession. This high number of injuries is due to several factors concerning construction zones. There are often several contractors working at the same time performing specific construction duties, and the number of potential hazards is always extensive and ongoing. The constant activity on construction sites means that new dangers are created each day while others are eliminated as individual projects are completed. Simply put – hazards appear and disappear and the whole environment, from a safety perspective, is constantly changing. Workers and site visitors need to be very aware of possible safety issues and keep abreast of the evolving hazards as work progresses. Many dangers are obvious, but others such as downed electrical wires may not be so apparent to potential victims.

Here are a few common construction site hazards that everyone should avoid. 

Ongoing Overhead Construction Hazards

High-rise and elevated construction involving overhead cranes and temporary scaffolds is common when projects are being completed in urban areas. Those commuting to work around an active construction site as well as site workers should always be aware of potential overhead construction that is occurring in their proximity. Workplace injury attorneys understand well that many accidents causing workplace injury occur from falling objects. This is especially important when machinery is being used to complete certain tasks and move materials around at heights. 

Moving Equipment Hazardsconstruction accident lawyers

Another moving hazard source on a construction site is the use of mechanical equipment such as material and lift trucks, pavers, and swinging tow motors. There is always constant activity in a construction zone, and many times dangerous lifting, excavation, and transportation equipment is used to perform certain tasks. Machinery is also used for overhead tasks such as the use of cranes to stabilize and lift objects to the upper levels on a structure. This is a primary concern for workers, as a falling object from height hazard is likely to result in a serious head injury.

Areas Of High Activity

While a construction site may cover a large area, it’s often the case that much of the work takes place concentrated in small areas. Multiple construction crews may be clamoring for access to limited-space work areas in order to complete their specific tasks on time. This creates a potential hazard area where it is difficult to regulate the safety of individual crew members. Congested work zones are responsible for many types of injury to construction crew members, including those suffering from overhead falling objects, crush injuries from heavy equipment, and even fatal injuries from electrical shock.

Mechanical Equipment Hazards and Injuries

Potentially dangerous mechanical equipment is ubiquitous on a construction site and it isn’t always mobile equipment that presents a danger to workers. Static equipment such as bench saws, welding sets, compressors, etc, can all present workplace hazards, as can portable equipment such as generators, cutting torches, jackhammers, and more. While training in the use of equipment should be provided to crew members, often it is the case that semi-skilled and temporary crew are contracted to a work site, and low skill/training can create a dangerous scenario for all workers in the vicinity.

Contact Our Workplace Injury Attorneys

Regardless of how an injury occurs, employers are still generally responsible for providing medical coverage for workers as well as replacement wages. Most workers should be eligible for workers’ comp when injured at work, but many construction teams are comprised of employers who work privately and are self-employed. This means that claims can be complicated in certain situations, and legal representation may be necessary for proper financial recovery. Any worker who is injured on a construction site should contact our workplace injury attorneys and let us conduct a full investigation into your injury case for maximum benefits. 

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