Obtaining financial compensation following a personal injury that occurs due to the negligence of another party can be a real challenge. Even in auto accident cases when an insurance company is required to pay damages, receiving whole damages can still be difficult when the insurer is contesting any part of the claim. Not only will the insurance company often attempt to deflect liability to another party or outright deny liability, they will also work diligently in reducing a claim value if they think there is a defense that the injury is not as serious as stated. Being properly compensated usually requires legal representation from experienced personal injury lawyers, and they can help in a number of ways. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Assemble Medical Evidencepersonal injury law firms

All personal injury claims will require the submission of medical records that indicate the validity and extent of the injuries suffered by the claimant. Each injury is evaluated in terms of the medical costs already incurred to treat the injury as well as an evaluation to forecast any ongoing future medical costs anticipated in dealing with the injuries. Some injuries never rehabilitate completely, and even those that can be rehabilitated will often take considerable time. Experienced personal injury lawyers make a point to address each medical issue diligently in building a case for maximum financial recovery for all medical costs associated with the injury, past, present, and future. 

Personal Injury Lawyers File Claims For Lost Wages

Many injured victims will also be unable to work during the time it takes for their injuries to properly heal, and some are so seriously injured that they may never return to the workplace in their previous capacity. This can apply when traumatic brain injuries or serious back injuries occur, for example, and in such cases, your attorney should have the skills to assist in the pursuance of some form of disability payment. Personal injury lawyers can assemble all data from an employer regarding rate of pay or possible loss of ability to perform work duties at a prior position. Not only can injured claimants be reimbursed for lost wages for the time they are off, but those who must take lower-paying positions can be reimbursed for lost income or lost future wages if they cannot return to work in the previous capacity. This can be a complicated process, and having an experienced attorney performing this task assures maximum compensation can be pursued. 

contact kellum law firm NCGeneral Damages Claims

General damages are the portion of any claim settlement that insurance claims adjusters want to avoid paying, and they are also the compensation that your personal injury lawyer will focus on when negotiating the claim settlement. General damages can include financial recovery for pain and suffering as well as mental anguish in many cases. Mental anguish cases can also include claims for PTSD. This amount can be very significant in permanent injury cases, and certain factors such as age can enhance the amount of financial recovery as well. General damages are still considered compensatory, but they are often determined by using the multiplier method or the per diem method depending on what is agreed upon with insurance claims agents. Each case is unique to some degree, and general damages are typically the compensation that makes injured claimants financially whole when the case is settled.

Punitive Damages Claims

Personal injury claims that involve egregious actions by a negligent party may often open the door for the pursuit of punitive damages for an injured victim. Drunk driver(DWI) and truck accidents often fall into this claim category. Punitive damage potential can be effective leverage when personal injury lawyers are negotiating settlements because they require a trial for an award to be issued by a sympathetic jury. This means that serious evidence cases will often go to trial, which in turn necessitates solid legal representation for a successful outcome. 

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The lawyer that an injured victim chooses to represent their case can make a major difference in the outcome. While some big-box law firms will want to settle the case quickly for a nominal amount, a truly dedicated and diligent law firm will work in a comprehensive manner to obtain as much financial compensation as possible for their clients. This is our main goal for our clients. Call our office today and let us put our experience to work for you in obtaining maximum compensation in your injury case.

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