Hiring the right lawyer for a personal injury claim is a very important matter for all injured victims. Not only do you often have serious injuries to deal with, but you could also have a very difficult attorney to represent your case if the wrong one is selected. There are several red flags that anyone should look for when making a decision to hire legal counsel, and it is important to know these signs well before attempting to make a final decision. Sometimes it can be the difference between receiving whole damages for an injury or potentially no compensation at all – not all legal representatives possess the same capability and understanding of the law. Here is what to watch for. 

Claims of Guaranteed Compensation

Some states like North Carolina have structured the legal system with respect to personal injury claims in a very restrictive manner. This is the case with the personal injury case refused by lawyers?state’s contributory negligence law. Any driver or accident victim who is even 1% at fault for their accident causation can and will be denied financial compensation if the court finds they are partially at fault. Any attorney who guarantees a settlement is misrepresenting the potential outcome of the case. 


Vagueness Regarding How a Settlement is Divided

A personal injury lawyer is typically paid when their client is paid following a claim negotiation or trial. There will generally be deductions from the final settlement amount, commonly these include the attorney fees and necessary expenses incurred while representing the case. The “necessary expenses” can assuredly be a problem if they are not itemized and explained, and sometimes this should be done before making a decision on which firm to hire. Additionally, some settlements are subject to recovery by other insurance companies that have paid medical bills along the way or other entities that have claims against the award. If they are vague about this potential, keep interviewing attorneys. 

Lack of Concern for Your Situation

The job of a personal injury lawyer is to obtain as much compensation as possible for their clients. Sometimes this will require going to trial to prove that maximum damages are necessary and valid. The truth is that most personal injury lawyers would rather negotiate some amount of settlement as opposed to focusing on whole damages that might result from a trial. This is true in the case of some larger law firms, as they often focus on settling as many cases as possible in a short time frame. You need to discuss the possibility of your case going to trial with the lawyer during the initial consultation and to asses how they react to the possibility. While it’s usually in the victims’ interest to settle out of court, what if the dollar amount being offered is substantially lower than that which might be awarded by taking a case to trial? Are you willing to forfeit the potential of a larger award for a quick settlement, and how does the attorney feel about this? Are you both on the same page?

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The above are just a few of the warning signs that all injured claimants should be aware of when selecting an attorney. The attorney you choose can make a major difference in the outcome of your case in many situations, it helps to find someone who you can trust and who is largely on the same page as yourself when it comes to making important decisions about the claim procedure. You generally have only have one opportunity for financial justice following a car accident, slip and fall accident or other type of accident involving bodily injury. Call us today and let us conduct a thorough investigation into your accident case potential, your initial consultation with our personal injury attorney is free of cost and free from any obligation to retain us moving forward.

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