Single-vehicle accidents can leave a car owner in a precarious situation if they do not carry full coverage insurance protection. These types of accidents can be problematic because the driver usually does not have a negligent party who can be pursued for damages. Many people finance their vehicles, and all individuals who are making payments on a vehicle will need to carry collision and comprehensive insurance protection which would cover the cost of the vehicle repair or replacement. However, many North Carolina drivers own their vehicles with no lender involvement. In an accident, these individuals may not only lose their mode of transportation, but they may also find themselves unable to claim the full value of the vehicle from their insurance company.

For those with full coverage protection, certain damages are covered by the insurance provider which can help reduce personal loss for the vehicle owner.

Personal Vehicle Damagecar accident attorneys NC

The primary claim available following a single-vehicle accident in North Carolina is physical property damage for the vehicle. Involved personal vehicles are first inspected for repair estimates which will then result in the company making a decision on paying for repairs or declaring the vehicle a total loss. Vehicle owners are also required to pay any applicable deductible associated with full coverage insurance, which is typically in the range of $500 to $1500. This is usually deducted from the insurance claim payout. This determination can also be contested by claims agents when they do not agree with the owner’s valuation assessment, and a car accident attorney can often assist in keeping the insurance company honest regarding vehicle valuation.  

Potential Property Damage Claims

Damage to a vehicle is not the only concern for a driver in a single-vehicle accident. Many single-vehicle accidents result in real estate damage when a vehicle strikes personal property, and property owners typically want compensation for destroyed property. This can even include electric companies when a power pole is struck. The driver is usually found at fault for a single-vehicle accident, and fault can even be assigned in situations where the driver swerved to miss debris or animals on the roadway. Vehicle owners are typically personally responsible for any additional damages.

Car accident claimsPassenger Injury Claims

Many single-vehicle accidents happen with passengers on board. Vehicle owners are primarily liable for the injuries any passenger may receive, and compensation may be awarded for items such as medical bills for treatment and rehabilitation. However, claims can also include lost wages when the victim cannot work and general damages for pain and suffering, and mental anguish after the fact. This can be a real issue in serious accident cases when total damages exceed insurance limits, and cases become even more compounded when there are multiple injured passengers. Vehicle owners who are injured usually must rely on personal health insurance to cover their expenses largely because full coverage insurance in North Carolina does not include medical benefits for the owner. Medpay is not even offered in the state by licensed insurance companies. 

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Recovering from a single-car accident can assuredly be as difficult as a multi-vehicle crash. They are even worse in some respects because the driver usually does not have a negligent party who can be pursued for damages. In addition, other victims may be coming forward with claims at the same time that the owner is negotiating with the insurance company regarding the value of a vehicle. A car accident lawyer can handle all of the negotiations and claim validations for the vehicle owner while representing the client in the event of formal legal action for damages. Vehicle owners in single-car accidents need comprehensive legal representation to ensure a reasonable outcome to the case.  

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