Not all car accidents produce serious injuries. In fact, minor auto accident injuries are more commonly reported than serious injuries in general. And this number could actually be increased if all injured parties were more diligent about pursuing financial compensation for seemingly minor injuries that they think will heal without medical treatment and are of no real concern. Many injured parties simply choose to not file any claim or may be unaware that they even have a potential claim to file, instead using personal insurance to cover the cost. All car accident lawyers advise against this decision because it could be detrimental to any potential insurance claim. 

Minor Injuries Can Become Major Issues

The primary problem with not seeking treatment for minor injuries resulting from an auto accident is that they can become worse over time. A back injury is a car accident claimsprime example of an issue that can appear as muscle soreness but could really be nerve or cartilage damage. Even a hairline fracture can be found later that has worsened with time and continued stress on the area. Whiplash is also very similar. Whiplash is not just a neck problem, but can extend to the facial muscles, shoulders, and even the chest in serious cases. And it is almost always a reaction to a seemingly small injury in the beginning. Establishing that any particular injury is the result of an auto accident is vital for financial recovery regardless of how minor it may seem at the onset. 

Delayed Treatment

Letting an injury linger thinking it will repair itself actually does irreversible damage in some situations. Depending on the type of injury, continuing to function as though nothing is wrong could easily cause an injury to worsen due to lack of medical attention. A quick diagnosis can provide a much better outlook going forward that could lead to much more effective rehabilitation. Internal injuries could also be a result of an accident, and many times they are discovered late and become dangerous quickly. The information revealed with initial testing can provide doctors with effective data to craft a treatment regimen for a full recovery in many cases. 

Delays Provide a Defense for Insurance Providers

One of the first lines of defense for insurance companies who are scrutinizing injury claims for a possible claim value reduction is the seriousness of the medical problem. This not only includes physical injury but can include mental anguish as well. This potential defense for a claim denial is a major reason why it is important to make all appointments for both physical and mental evaluation as well as all physical rehabilitation appointments. Additionally, injured parties should also follow all physician recommendations regarding other specialists. Each and every injury adds an element to the claim, and victims actually have a limited window to be properly compensated for accident injuries. 

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Statue of Limitations Restrictions

Another potential problem for accident injury claimants with slowly worsening injuries is the statute of limitations. The time limit for bringing suit regarding car accident injuries is three years, but the time clock can be “tolled” in certain instances when car accident lawyers can convince the court that unusual circumstances warrant an extension request. The best step is to validate even minor injuries as accident-related as soon as possible to ensure the case is filed before the time is expired. Additionally, the clock does not begin at the time of the accident, but instead at the time that the injury is recognized and validated by medical treatment.  

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Always remember that time is of the essence when an auto accident injury is both being treated and declared in a personal injury claim. Delays in treatment can do more than allow the injury to manifest untreated. It can also impact compensation for injuries and the overall claim value. Call our car accident lawyers today and let them evaluate your injury case even if the injuries are not excessive. Kellum Law Firm will provide you with a full case evaluation completely free of charge and obligation. Click the banner below to schedule your case evaluation.

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