If you take part in the JUUL class-action lawsuit, you are probably wondering what types of compensation you might receive for your injuries. While it is hard to know what the outcome of a class-action lawsuit will be, many times it awards more types of compensation than expected, our JUUL Lawsuit Attorneys will seek the following types of compensation for our clients:

Compensation Types For JUUL Class Action Lawsuit
* Medical Costs Associated with the Injury – Current and Future.’
* Lost Income as a Result of the Injury
* Pain and Suffering – including Mental Anguish
* Loss of Enjoyment of Life

We will seek medical care costs for all of your medical care to date. We will also seek medical care costs for future treatments for the injury. This will also include any addiction therapies necessary to break the nicotine addiction.
If you have had to miss work to manage the injuries caused by this product, we will seek compensation for these losses.
Pain and suffering damages, including the mental anguish associated with having and breaking an addiction, will be sought as part of the compensation package. This type of compensation will be based on the facts of your case and will be different for each individual involved in the lawsuit.
The loss of enjoyment of life is very similar to the pain and suffering losses. This type of injury is very personal and will be based on the facts of your specific case.

JUUL Lawsuit Attorney North Carolina – Punitive Damages
In many class-action lawsuits, the court system also awards punitive damages. These damages are a way for the court to punish the defendant financially for their actions that have caused harm to the public. Punitive damages are not guaranteed, and there is no way to know what the overall award will be to the Plaintiffs if granted. If punitive damages are awarded, we will seek compensation for our clients from the fund.

Speak With A JUUL Class Action Lawsuit Attorney
If you have been injured by a JUUL vaping system or a similar vaping device, you are encouraged to contact a JUUL class-action attorney about your injuries. Many people have the right to join the class-action lawsuit to make a claim for the damages they have endured from using this dangerous product.
Speak with a class action attorney a soon as possible. Your time is limited to join the class-action suit. Even if your injuries do not qualify under the JUUL class action, your attorney may seek a personal injury lawsuit based on the specifics of your case.