Personal injury lawyers may not always be needed in certain accident injury claims that have clear issues of liability, but when should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

Many personal injury victims are reluctant to retain a personal injury attorney when they have a valid claim in an obvious fault situation. This is especially true when there are minimal injuries involved and the insurance provider has already admitted responsibility for paying the damages generated by a negligent client. Insurance providers do this when they have no argument regarding personal contribution to causation when it is an accident scenario. This is the policy for them, and it is done for a reason. The reason is to protect the company from any further payouts associated with the case. It is also a primary reason that injured claimants should consult with an attorney immediately after suffering any personal injury in North Carolina, especially if the injury is the result of an auto accident.  

Passengers in Auto Accidentspassengers in auto accidents in North Carolina

Passengers who were injured in an auto accident sometimes do not absolutely need legal representation when negotiating their injury case with the respondent insurance company. Light to moderate injuries that will have no potential for worsening later would fall into this category. Passengers are typically not assessed for personal fault. However, there are still some definite risks of representing yourself in an accident claim. Even when the insurance company is agreeable to offering a settlement, the claim will end right then and there, and there will assuredly be a request for relief from further responsibility for any medical coverage regarding the claimed injuries. Accepting a settlement under these conditions works in the favor of the insurance company, especially when the claimant does not understand the implications that general damages could increase their claim value dramatically. General damages are not always included in a settlement offer if the claims evaluation officer thinks the claimant will not seek legal representation under any circumstances because they do not want to pay the extra contingency fee. 

Drivers in Auto Accidents

There are two primary problems for drivers who were injured in a North Carolina auto accident. One is that the insurance company will be closely evaluating their case for personal contribution to causing the accident. The other is that their case is probably going to court for a ruling. This is due entirely to the North Carolina contributory negligence law that bars drivers from being compensated for their accident losses and personal injuries if they are even 1% responsible for accident causation. Not only will drivers be pursuing financial compensation for injuries and physical property damage in many instances, they will also be defending their driving record and personal liability in the accident case. Determination of fault in an auto accident case can be a complicated and intricate matter, and all insurance companies understand this gives them an advantage when a case is decided in court. They will have a team of lawyers representing their interests, and all drivers need personal injury lawyers as well. 

Why All Injured Victims Need Legal Representation

It is never really a good decision to handle your own accident injury claim. This applies in premises liability cases as well as in auto accident claims. Defendants not only have a distinct advantage in court in North Carolina, but insurance providers will still try to minimize the payment of general damages for pain and suffering along with emotional grief often associated with being injured. Severe injury victims are especially vulnerable to being under-compensated because arriving at an appropriate figure is a complicated assessment. General damages are not necessarily specified economic damages, but they are the monetary relief that typically makes the injured claimant financially whole after all is said and done. Insurance companies never want to pay these damages, and they will do anything in their power to convince a claimant that an attorney will not help them. 



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