The average length of a semi-truck is 60 feet. Some carry up to 80,000 pounds as a load, plus their own weight. When you compare this to the average size of a car: 16 feet long and 3,800 pounds, you can probably imagine why trucking accidents often result in catastrophic injuries for the people in the passenger vehicle(s). The size and weight of the truck, its inertia, and momentum reducing its ability to stop – result in tremendous damage to any vehicle with which it collides at speed.
When you’ve been involved in a serious trucking accident, everything about your life may change. You may face physical challenges from the injuries you received, financial distress from being unable to work, and emotional strain from all of these issues compounded.
As an injury victim, you may have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Speak To The Right Truck Accident Lawyer

Lear. Commercial trucks are regulated by state and federal laws, and you must seek out a personal injury lawyer that is familiar with all of these laws and the trucking industry. If you’re involved in an accident with a truck the chances of it being licensed and operated by a non-North Carolina company/driver are quite high, so a knowledge of how to handle cross-border legal issues is an obvious requirement from the truck accident attorney you choose to work with.

In many cases, there is more than one responsible party for the trucking accident.

The truck driver, his trucking company, the business that loaded the trailer or even the maintenance mechanic may be responsible or hold partial responsibility for an 18-wheeler accident. It is imperative that you work with a knowledgeable attorney who will know how to find the responsible parties and demand compensation from all those involved.
Your attorney should be knowledgeable about the ways in which a semi-truck operates differently than a passenger vehicle and the common causes of accidents with trucks. All of this will help your attorney build a solid case for compensation on your behalf.

Truck Accident Facts

There are over 3 million semi-trucks operating on U.S. roads at any given time of the day or night. There are over 11 million registered trucks in the truck accident tire blowoutcountry. With so many of these large vehicles operating on the roads, it is easy to understand how so many trucking accidents can occur.
Most trucking accidents happen during the daytime and on smaller roads. State highways are the most common area for truck accidents because these truck routes are the only roads the trucks can travel on outside of the interstate system. Most of these accidents occur around intersections. A majority of all trucking accidents happen on weekdays.
It is very important that anyone who is driving near a truck remember that they must also act with safety. You should never ride too closely behind a truck. Always remember that if you cannot see the truck’s mirror, they cannot see you. It is also important to understand that trucks make very wide right turns. Never go on the right side of a truck that is turning.
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), almost 80 percent of all trucking accidents result in a catastrophic (life-changing) injury. The same report shows that 10 percent of all of these accidents result in at least one fatality. It is important for all drivers to share the road.

Aggressive Driving Accounts for Half of all Traffic Deaths

accident lawyers for truck crashesThe Automobile Association of America (AAA) conducted a study in 2009 relating to aggressive driving and its impact on car and truck accidents. What the study discovered is that 56 percent of all traffic fatalities were connected to aggressive driving behaviors. The study also indicated that eight out of ten drivers believe that aggressive driving is dangerous to everyone on the road.
With such a high percentage of people believing that aggressive behavior on the road is dangerous, it continues to happen at an alarming rate. The study did not provide an exact figure on how many non-fatal injuries were attributed to accidents caused by aggressive driving, but it is easy to assume that the number is much higher than 56 percent.
At Kellum Law Firm our car accident attorneys and truck accident lawyers are used to dealing with cases involving accidents arising from aggressive driving behaviors.

North Carolina is far from the worst culprit when it comes to these issues, we’re not close enough to being the safest state, either.

Types Of Aggressive Driving
Aggressive driving can fall into many categories. The most common forms of aggressive behavior on the road include:
• Excessive speeding or racing with other cars
• Reckless lane changing
• Cutting people off in a lane change or at an exit
• Unsafe merging on to interstate or preventing other drivers from merging safely
• Tailgating
• Swerving at other vehicles out of anger
• Blocking vehicles from passing you or changing lanes
• Honking, yelling or making angry gestures at the other driver

In addition to causing accidents directly, aggressive driving can also lead to the drivers of vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the aggressive driver being involved in an accident. Swerving to avoid drivers acting stupidly may leave you with egg on your face while the guilty driver gets away without issue.
Aggressive behavior behind the wheel can affect everyone on the road.

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