Many veterans have been apprehensive about filing a claim for benefits under the recent legislation from Congress establishing the Camp Lejuene Justice Act. Prior to the legislation, the only veterans who received benefits did so through the diagnosis of a disease and suing the United States government for damages. The cases stem from the tainted water supply at Camp Lejuene from the 1950s through the 1980s, and the associated diseases have either injured or killed many former military members and civil service workers who were employed at the base. There is a cutoff for eligibility for some who worked there after the situation was repaired, but many of those qualified for benefits have still not come forward, often due to feared impact on their current VA benefits. 

Understanding the Difference

Free Legal Case Review At Kellum Law Firm, NCVeterans Affairs handles all of the former military needs when they have been honorably discharged from military service, many of whom are career soldiers who are now receiving retirement benefits. The Camp Lejuene Justice Act that set aside money for injury and wrongful death damages has no impact on earned benefits. This is financial compensation for military and civil service workers who were at the camp during the stated time period. No prior earned benefits will be affected in any way when a claim is finally won through the application process.  

What Happens When You File

Just as with any other financial claims process, the procedure for claiming benefits under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act can be complicated and requires details of how the applicant was exposed at the time. Some claims are more valuable than others, and government officials are diligent when it comes to determining the proper amount of compensation. They may also be prone to underestimating any owed damages as well. Medical evidence is needed along with personal testimony regarding any illness or death. The approval process can be long and tedious, and the novice injured party could easily be denied equitable payment when the case is settled. This is why working through a Camp Lejeune lawyer becomes a true advantage. 

How Camp Lejeune Lawyers Can Help

There are several advantages to having aggressive legal representation in the Camp Lejeune Justice Act claims. When you have a legal team handling your claim, lawyers can fill out all of the necessary paperwork and ensure that all medical issues are addressed and favorable compensation is received. Camp Lejeune lawyers can assemble all medical documentation that led to injury or death, and submit them for processing in the required format to the correct government agency dealing with the claims. Additionally, a lawyer can craft a presentation for the ALJ team that makes the final decision that will result in whole damages in many of these cases. Attorneys are not required to prove negligence because liability is already established in precedent and with the legislation funding the claims. 

Contact Our Camp Lejeune Lawyers

Time is of the essence in these Camp Lejeune Justice Act claims, and our attorneys are ready to add your name to the list of other clients we are already representing. These cases follow a standard format, and the sooner we can get started on your claim the sooner you can receive the benefits to which you are entitled. The claims are also retroactive regarding past diseases that resulted in death, so the families of those who are already gone may be eligible for compensation also. Call our offices today and let us conduct a full evaluation of your Camp Lejeune Justice Act case. Call 1-800-ACCIDENT OR CONTACT US VIA WEBFORM HERE.